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For Astrology you can trust, Astrology that tells you the truth ... you've come to the right place. Astrology at Enchanted Spirit. Astrology for real life. Astrology readings that make sense. Astrology readings you can use with in-depth information and sensible advice. An Astrology reading can tell you more than you imagine. An Astrology reading can change your life. Order your Astrology reading today.

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We offer Astrology for Real Life at Enchanted Spirit, Astrology readings that makes sense, Astrology readings you can use, Astrology readings that tell you what's happening with the energy and experiences of your life. Our Astrology readings focus on self-knowledge and personal development, not "fortune-cookie" forecasts. A number of Astrology reading options are listed below. Order your Astrology reading today. Learn what an Astrology reading can tell you.

A word from Rebecca about our readings

I readily admit the readings I do at Enchanted Spirit are specifically designed for spiritual seekers who are serious about using the wisdom of this incredible occult discipline to investigate their personal assets and challenges and understand themselves more completely. They may not speak so much to someone who "thinks it might be interesting to get his Astrology chart done."

Our Natal Chart readings are not like fortune-telling or a fun list of character quips. They're an excursion into a psychological and spiritual analysis ... of you. They are readings for people ready to embark on this kind of quest.

Consider this: In a traditional Natal Chart reading, an astrologer spends an hour to an hour and a half talking about the various points of interest he or she sees in your Natal Chart as a whole. Granted, those experiences can be fascinating, but given that there are conservatively 50 or more such essential points to cover to render a complete discussion of your Astrological portrait ... how many can that kind of reading time reasonably cover -- and how much clock-time would be devoted to each? You do the math.

Our readings are for the person who is ready to receive more.

Even when you're working with an exceptionally fine astrologer, the time constraints I just described can be ... well, ... crippling. You may, as I said, get a basketful of interesting facts and pieces about your character to consider, but nothing close to the whole picture.

Our full natal chart readings offer the chance for a five-hour journey into the intricate mysteries and wonders of your Natal Chart -- the time and depth you and I both need to explore the terrain of your character. How much more informational gold could you mine from such a journey? Again ... you do the math.

Essentially, our readings "talk about it all" -- in detail, in plain English, in a format that draws it all together and makes exceptionally fine sense of the wisdom your Natal Chart contains -- and the person you are as the owner of these special attributes and gifts.

There are treasures aplenty to discover, develop, use and understand for those who want to take this worthwhile step deep into the territory of self-knowledge. As we say in our promotional pieces, we offer Astrology for people who take their lives seriously.

If you are such a person, you've proved yet another metaphysical maxim just by arriving here.

That which you are seeking is also seeking you.

If this description is the sort of investigation, self-understanding and wisdom you've been searching for ... believe me, we've been looking for you. too!! I'm so pleased you've made your way here ... to read this invitation ... to journey further.

I look forward to accompanying you on your trek, to help you find answers to the broad, profound questions of what you and your life are all about ... to help you make sense of your place in the world.

Start your journey of self-discovery here.
It's time you knew the whole story.

Our readings and their physical formats.

All our readings are unique, individual, just-for-you readings. Each one is crafted specifically from your Natal Chart by a real human astrologer; it is not a computer-generated report from a software program.

Your reading is recorded and sent to you on a CD (or set of CDs) along with a printed transcript of the audio material. As a free bonus, once your CDs are in the mail and your reading complete, you will receive a link to a webpage with an audio player that lets you listen to your reading on your computer right away -- while waiting for your package to arrive.

Your streaming audio presentation will remain on the site for at least 14 days ... and you're welcome to use it as often as you like while it is available. As a practical matter, it could remain on the site for months ... but after 14 days it may be deleted without warning -- just so you know.

In essence, your reading gives you an audio presentation on CD you can listen to at your leisure over and over again ... and a printed transcript ... a permanent in-your-hand text document to also read whenever you wish. An accurate birth time is highly recommended but not absolutely essential when ordering these readings -- as long as you understand that without an accurate birth time, your reading will be more general, limited and prone to more imprecision than it would be otherwise.

Our custom-crafted readings are the ultimate in convenience and privacy. No cassette tapes. No phone calls. No long-distance charges. No hassle. No need to "try to remember it all." You can review your reading as many times as you want and hear -- or see -- the unique story of you .. the person you were designed to be and the life you were designed to live explained again and again!!

Give yourself the gift of knowledge.
Spend time on yourself ... for a change.


Who Are You?
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You ... in 3D

What are the crucial, bottom-line highlights of your chart that set you apart from all the rest? This reading goes way beyond simple "Sun Sign" information to describe the most important things an Astrologer sees immediately about you ... and the unique personality you are ... from your Natal Chart.

Natal Chart Readings
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Because there is Unity in the Universe ...

If you want to claim the life you were born to live, it helps immensely to know the "raw materials" you arrived with ... so you can work with the essential resource pool of talents, traits, abilities, interests ... and challenges ... that form the person you were born to be.

Love and Relationships
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An Astrology reading for the lover in you.

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"Millionaires don't use astrology;
billionaires do."
~ J. P. Morgan ~

Partnership and Compatibility
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Astrology readings for the two of you.

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The work you were meant to do in this world
is a natural expression of who you are.

Career and Profession
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Your true career is your calling.

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An Astrology reading from the past
and for the future.

The Future
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What's on the horizon for YOU?

Customized Readings
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Do you have a special concern?




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