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Your true career is your calling. It's not just the work you do, it's the essence of who you are, everything you achieve, the reputation you build, and the legacy you leave behind when you go. There's a whole lot more to this than just "what you do for money" ... and understanding the piece of life's puzzle you were meant to fill ... and how you're working to meet that contract ... can give you a whole new level of respect for who you are and what you came here to achieve.

Your Reading ... Your Way!!

Your Career and Profession
Building Your Unique Legacy

What are you working to make of yourself?
What goes into building the career, status
and reputation you were born to have?

What are you here to do with your life
and what will you leave behind?

Understanding the Karma behind your career and how you are working to meet it
could be the first piece of knowledge you need to answer those questions.

Let's unravel the mystery of career and profession in YOUR life ...
Become the person you were born to be!

All our readings are unique, individual, just-for-you readings. Each one is crafted specifically from your Natal Chart by a real human astrologer; it is not a computer-generated report from a software program. It is delivered on a webpage with a print-friendly option so you can print have a permanent in-your-hand text document to read whenever you wish. Each reading option contains both character and forecasting information. An accurate birth time is helpful, but not essential when ordering these readings.

Our custom-crafted readings are the ultimate in convenience and privacy. No cassette tapes. No phone calls. No long-distance charges. No hassle. No need to "try to remember it all." You can review your reading as many times as you want and see the story of how you were designed explained again and again -- or lean back and listen to the unique story of you!!. Give yourself the gift of knowledge. Spend time on yourself ... for a change.

What does your Astrologer see in you -- about your career?

Do you ever ask yourself, "What does it all mean?"
Do you wonder what you were meant to do ... and be remembered for?
What legacy did you come here to build, from your own talents and drive?
When all is said and done ... what were you meant to do, and say, and be?

To understand yourself and the career you came here to build, you need to understand the way you were designed!! The right information can be priceless as you arrange the proper conditions, seek out the best opportunities, and learn to operate as you were meant to do!!

This reading examines the way you conduct yourself in your public life, the kind of professional conditions you want, and the status and honors you were meant to claim. It contains information on the Karma in your background, the responsibilities you have to work with resources in this world, and the part you were meant to fill in life's grand mosaic. It will also contain information on what's coming up for you in the future regarding your public life and career.

These are NOT computer generated readings.


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