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Why Become a Premium Member?


Full subscriptions to our wonderful Ezines -- with great features, detailed readings, and more than 10 times the information made available on the free site.

  • What's in the Cards for Life, Love, and Money? -- Daily Tarot readings on the three big topics of life, its general tone, your relationships, and your economic and physical support, delivered in your email for a look at the coming trends -- and a bit of advice to guide your choices.
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  • Step by Step -- Articles on contemporary astrological events and what they mean to you! These rich, informative several-times-a-week Ezines help you understand the opportunities and texture of life around you ... and offer specific pieces of advice so you can make the most of two essential ingredients often missing in life ... information and timing!!
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  • Tarot Treats and Page Two -- A weekly Tarot reading that forecasts the theme for the week ahead ... coupled with an exquisitely detailed second Tarot reading on a question linked to current concerns that can help you understand the textures and undercurrents of your personal world. One of our most popular features -- full of superbly pertinent and thought-provoking advice.
    To see a sample: Click Here

  • On the Horizon -- A monthly horoscope Ezine that helps you focus on:

    • Your outward personal interests ... where to concentrate attention
    • Your intellectual concerns ... how to use ideas and information
    • Your social and financial issues ... how to work with relationships and money
    • Your present area of creativity and power ... how and where to take action to make progress on your goals

    Work with the natural flow of your life, with these updates every month.
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Astrology Features and Forecasts

  • The Flow of Life -- an astonishingly accurate lunar-based horoscope feature, describing the emotional climate of life as it changes throughout the day ... for up to a week ahead.
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  • Now Starring ... on the Celestial Stage -- extensive forecasting information about current astrological events and their significance for each of the Zodiac signs. This provides a marvelous, personalized way to understand the meaning and message behind the moods and events of your life!!
    To see a sample: Click Here

Tarot Features and Forecasts

  • The Moving Picture -- three extensive Tarot readings that describe the progress of your daily world for your life in general, for your relationships and associations, and for your financial future and health concerns. This feature is updated weekly based on the daily cards from the What's In the Cards? Ezine.
    To see a sample: Click Here

  • Quick Questions -- where Premium Members can order free personal just-for-them Tarot readings ... and get exceptionally deep discounts on readings to help navigate through life's perplexing moments with that "extra little piece of advice" that can help life go a little better!!

  • Milestones -- a detailed, personally initiated Free Tarot Reading based on the featured Tarot Layout of the Month. Synchronicity and you select the topics, the time, and the message that relates to the central focus of your world every month, with a reading as complete and revealing as those in our custom work.
    To see a sample: Click Here

  • Stepping Stones -- a mid-sign Tarot reading that highlights a quality, character trait or interest of the current Zodiac sign and serves up a concise sensible Tarot reading. unique and personal to you. Easy to understand, work with and apply to enrich the management and experience of your life.


A number of ingenious forecasting toys and tools presently in working prototype as we refine them into solid vehicles of spiritual information. Those already available include:

  • The Jeweled Compass -- a delightful little forecasting device that offers specific advice on "where you are" in your current developing life projects -- and where you're going next. It helps you determine your present conditions ... as well as the road ahead. Offered quarterly at each Cardinal Sign Ingress.

  • The Oracle of Venus -- which gives detailed and wise advice on questions of love, the conduct of relationships, and other matters of the heart.

  • The Oracle of Mars -- which gives information on ambitions, conflicts, and decisions where "action" is required ... including how to seize the initiative and get moving on a path to achieve your desires.

Also Included

  • A changing kaleidoscope of new opportunities to help us play with ideas we're considering, while you profit from readings, information, mini-classes and special EBooks while we put our work and your suggestions together in the development of new features for the Enchanted Spirit site.

  • Deep Discounts -- From 15 - 60% on selected reading offers, personal consultations and books. You can recoup more than your subscription membership fees with these values alone!

  • Most of all, the Premium Members site at Enchanted Spirit offers:

    • The most complete and accurate work of its kind available.
    • Practical, literate information you can use to understand and manage your life.
    • The most affordable price you will ever see for work of this depth and quality.

    I'll be honest with you. This is where we have fun, try out new things, work with new ideas, and let our creativity roam. It started out as a testing ground for "site related" project development, but the Premium Members site has taken on a destiny of its own. (It's remarkable how nourishing appreciation can be.)

    This is where things are happenin' -- and where you get to hear about it first.

    This is not a "fortune-telling" site. The emphasis here is education and information. Knowing the stresses and opportunities that come with the natural flow of energy in your life, energies that are part of the world and affect all of us constantly does help shine light on the road ahead. It also gives a much larger context for working with your experiences, understanding your part in what you create with your choices, and putting this knowledge inside a greater framework of meaning.

    Our writing aims to not just "tell you what's gonna happen" ... but to help you be proactive, to manage your options to best advantage, and to grasp "what life is asking of you" to let you work with the currents around you instead of struggling against them.

    A subscription to our Premium Membership site is one of the finest values for money you'll find for this quality of work anywhere in the world. Our Premium Members receive up-to-the-minute advice and forecasts from our Astrology work, Tarot readings on issues THEY select, personal Astrology forecasts, deep discounts on consultations, Tarot and Astrology Ezines, additional tarot, astrology, and self-improvement articles ... and lots, lots more.

    It's like having a personal Astrologer and Tarot reader at your service daily. We do all our own work. No canned, computer-generated, bought-and-resold reports here!! Each page is carefully written, considered, edited and published. When you're ready to have it ALL ... our Premium Membership subscriptions deliver.

    Those of us who have created Enchanted Spirit over the last 17 years find this way of living with awareness to be of inestimable value in our own lives, and we are pleased to be able to share what we know and what we, too, are learning ... with you.

    Subscription price $20 monthly.

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